Selfie Olivier Gatelmand Portrait


Olivier Gatelmand is a French designer with a passion for new ideas. He is the founder of the project Game in Town.

Born in Paris, as a kid, Olivier was already turned on the creation and couldn’t keep his hands off his computer. He made his first websites and flash creations when he was 12 and internet modems were still in 56K.

Olivier began his industrial design studies in 2004 in Paris. At this time, it was the democratization of smartphones with the iPhone launching. Linked to the smartphones arrival, lots of new uses appeared : new ways of listening music, getting informations in mobility, location services. These uses have changed so many things in the people life. Design started to be really integrated in most company processes. Olivier decided to focus his thesis on the creation of a system that could help people meet easily in the street. Olivier really wanted to bring life to his project and entrepreneurship was the logical extension of that. That’s why Olivier joined entrepreneurship programs in business schools to learn fundamentals of management, marketing, accounting and be in the right environment for company creation.

In 2010, he founded the Flagtory, an innovative lab structured around the project Game in Town. The Flagtory is a 5 to 10 collaborators startup with sound designers, 2D animators, developers and community managers. Game in Town is a social location based game that was featured in the final of LEWEB’11 in Paris and in the La Tribune Smart City event, supported by the BPI (the french public bank) and Neuilly Nouveaux Médias.

Having worked as a CEO in a social gaming company and as a designer in different companies with various practices (furniture, web, luxury watches, industrial) Olivier was exposed to a range of cultures and countries and enjoyed working with collaborators with diversified backgrounds.

Olivier is fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci, the most famous polymath and biomimetic researcher, expert in arts and sciences who used them in all his projects. Olivier is as well convinced that gaming is an amazing tool that can improve people engagement, facilitate the acceptance of boring tasks, and hence should be more integrated in everything.

Currently, Olivier is still leading the Flagtory and works as a UX and Interaction Design consultant.