Budget Manager Dashboard Gatelmand Android Nexus5

Offline Budget Manager

A simple and clear Budget Manager app for Android (optimized HDPI) – Java Project

Download the APK (optimized Nexus 5)


I was looking for a nice and elegant offline Budget Manager for my Nexus 5. The apps I found on the Google Play Store were either simple with a bad UI or very complex with a need for a  bank connection.

So I’ve decided to build my own and this was a good opportunity for me to learn some basics of Java and the Android Studio interface.

This app can be useful for people that have a small daily budget and really need to follow it daily with only one bank account. But the interface can be interesting to be adapted for bank apps that already propose this kind of features.

You can easily set a monthly savings goal and analyse your progress everyday.


– Manage daily budget
– Insert Incomes and Expenses manually
– Set a monthly savings goal
– Current Year Analytics

Skills developed

Android Studio tool
Local database management with Sqlite
List and gridview
achartengine library